Leveraging the Power of Polarities in Coaching

2-day Experiential Workshop


Today’s Leaders need to raise their game to navigate a business environment that is increasingly complex and volatile. However, in a world of paradox and constant shifts, there are no easy answers. Leaders have to elevate their thinking and mindset beyond a simplistic view of black or white, this way or that way, long-term or short-term. 


Coaches who work with Leaders cannot just take an approach where ‘problems are to be solved’, ‘challenges are to be overcome’ and ‘finding the right solution ensures success’. Inability to see patterns can cause Leaders and organizations to mis-diagnose issues and repeatedly experience ‘fixes that fail’. What they implement as today’s solution comes back as tomorrow’s problem. 


Coaches need to help clients see the landscape differently. The Polarity Lens introduces a new paradigm. It uncovers dynamic new perspectives that enable leaders to make transformational breakthroughs - in their decisions and responses, in enhancing individual and organizational performance, and in creating cultures that foster innovation and growth.


Polarities (also known as paradox or dilemmas) are values, competencies or objectives that seem contradictory, but actually need each other to achieve a higher purpose. When dilemmas or tensions are viewed through the Polarity Lens, the solution is no longer the simplistic opposite of the difficulty. The Polarity Lens provides tools for Leaders and Coaches to evolve novel and practical answers and equips them to make wiser decisions. Transformational breakthroughs, rather than transactional solutions, emerge as possibilities.  


In the Workshop you will discover and explore the following:

  • Understand what Polarities are and the effect they have on Leaders and businesses. 

  • Examine ICF coaching competencies through the Polarity Lens to enhance coaching effectiveness.

  • Add a quantum leap to Leaders’ thinking by re-shaping how they can explore challenges.

  • Help Leaders see invisible patterns that affect performance and derail change efforts.

  • Learn how to facilitate breakthroughs in leadership by lowering resistance.


Workshop Structure & Support: 

  • Experiential and discussion-based.

  • 2 days (16 hours) of classroom sessions, with practice and feedback. 

  • 2 support Webinars after the classroom sessions.


This Workshop is useful for Coaches, Corporate Leaders who wish to integrate a coaching stance with their leadership style, and HR Professionals.

ICF CCEUs applied for.