Gestalt Coaching is guided by the Paradoxical Theory of Change to achieve transformational results. All coaching approaches focus on change with the aim of achieving a desired future goal. Gestalt Coaching doesn’t ignore this, but focusses more on what is now rather than what should be as a powerful springboard for change. 


The Paradoxical Theory of Change states that change occurs “when I become what I am, not when I try to become what I’m not”. Gestalt Coaching works at a deep level, supporting you in becoming (rather than denying) more of who you are. In other words, you can’t make yourself or anyone change in line with some ideal, but you will naturally change in an organic and meaningful way if you allow yourself and others to be as you and they truly are. The premise is that you must stand in one place in order to have a firm footing to move, and that it is difficult or impossible to move without finding that firm footing.In following this path, you gain access to your future potential.


This perspective acknowledges that the Client is in fact his or her own ‘expert,’ and that the Coach’s strongest function is to provide a supportive presence, to be a collaborative partner, and to serve as the witness to the Client’s learning.