Gestalt Experience Workshop: Enhancing Inter-personal Interactions

2-Day Experiential Workshop


In today’s complex and digital-dominated world, inter-personal connection has never been more important or more difficult! Relating meaningfully with others can not only enrich our personal life, but also benefit our work life. However, the ability to relate and form authentic connection is easily compromised with the busy-ness and distractions created by information overload. Often, we find it easier to ‘withdraw’ and put on the back-burner our need to create stimulating and supportive relationships..

Relating meaningfully with others is based on our capacity to be self-aware, curious and open to another's viewpoint, and having the skills to communicate effectively and with integrity. This potentially transformative Workshop shows how the Gestalt approach and core Gestalt principles can help us develop this capacity so that we can create and sustain satisfying inter-personal relationships. The Workshop focuses on enhancing learning through direct, present experience and respectful exchange with those around us. It provides clarity and insight into the ways we can relate with clients, colleagues, partners, friends and family.


This Workshop satisfies the introductory pre-requisite for the Gestalt Asia Coach Certification Program. In the Workshop, you will discover and explore the following:

  • Use Gestalt methods and tools to make meaningful connection

  • Recognize the visible and invisible consequences of inter-personal interactions 

  • Understand and experience interactive processes that are rooted in the present

  • Experiment with embodied presence using breath, posture and physical movement.

  • Explore how our behavior affects others and how inter-personal interactions affect us

Workshop Structure & Support: 

  • Experiential and discussion-based.

  • 2 days (16 hours) of classroom sessions, with practice and feedback. 

  • 2 support Webinars after the classroom sessions.


This Workshop is designed/appropriate for all professionals including coaches, managers, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, physicians, nurses and art / music therapists.


ICF CCEUs applied for.