This is an intensive introduction to Gestalt Asia’s larger ICF-accredited Gestalt Coach Certification Program.

Adaptability, creativity and resilience are the qualities leaders need to guide organizations through volatile and disruptive events. Gestalt coaching embraces the awareness skills that support these strengths.

This workshop will outline, experimentally explore, and practice the skills that constitute effective intervention from a Gestalt perspective. Organizational consultants, coaches, business and human service professionals will find this

Gestalt Coaching

 Enhancing your Coaching Competency

workshop particularly useful in learning: Gestalt theory, concepts and methods; tools for facilitating individual and small group change and development; and data based-based observations about one’s use of self and the impact of one’s presence as an intervener and coach. Extensive skill building sessions, with faculty consultation and feedback are built into this workshop.

Participants are supported in practicing the methods and tools that lead to effective coaching interventions to promote client awareness and enhanced choice.

Participants are guided in exploring and practicing the methods and tools which lead to effective and masterful coaching interventions. The rich feedback environment of the workshop provides a rare and rich environment supporting transformational learning.

This 3-day Workshop covers:

  • Foundational Gestalt principles, concepts, and methods

  • The differences and links between coaching presence and coaching use of self

  • Intervention skills for in-the-moment opportunities

  • Strategies for developing Awareness IQ

  • The 7 dimensions of Awareness IQ

  • Feedback skills


Reasons to enrol:

  • Understand how to work in the present

  • Experience the importance of the coaching relationship as a vehicle for change

  • Know how to use yourself in the relationship to powerful effect

  • Be able to work with the current experience of the client, ie phenomenologically

  • Understand and work with resistance in the change process

This Workshop is for:

Practising coaches of all levels, who would like to integrate Gestalt principles into their coaching practice irrespective of the coaching model / framework they use.



ICF CCEUs applied for.