Gestalt Asia’s methodology is a holistic, and creative approach to coaching. Modelled on the Gestalt Coaching Stance evolved by the pioneering Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, USA, our Coach Certification Program is dedicated to building capacity for an impactful coaching presence, while deepening your coaching knowledge and skills. Application of International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies is an integral part of the learning experience. 


Gestalt Asia’s Coach Certification Program (GACC) follows the ACTP route and is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Upon successful completion of the Program, you are eligible to apply to ICF for accreditation. A Gestalt Professional Certified Coach (GPCC™) certification is immediately conferred upon successfully completing the Program.


Whether you are new to coaching or are an experienced practitioner, Gestalt Asia’s Coach Certification Program is an opportunity to discover and enhance your Use-of-Self and coaching skills.


Upon completion you will have: 


● A unique and holistic coaching approach 

● Grown personally as well as professionally 

● Basic and in-depth coaching knowledge 

● Skill in the application of Gestalt concepts and ICF core competencies

● Confidence gained from practice in face-to-face observed coaching sessions 

● The ability to apply your knowledge and skill to all types of coaching



Co-create a learning community with the guidance of a skilled and engaging faculty. Class size is limited to 24 participants to maintain an optimal faculty to student ratio. This ensures you receive the individual support and learning tailored to meet your needs and the development of your coaching skills

  • Are trained coaches and teachers from    the pioneer Gestalt Institute of   Cleveland, USA

  • Emphasize active learning through experiential activities and practicums 

  • Are experienced practitioners skilled in applying Gestalt concepts to coaching 

  • Encourage your growth through challenge and support 

  • Live the Gestalt Coaching Stance and values 


The GACC Program consists of 4 face-to-face sequential sessions offered every second month. The program is conducted in English. 


Session 1 covers basic coaching principles, Gestalt concepts and methodology and ICF core competencies. 

Sessions 2 – 4 expand your ability to apply more in-depth knowledge and coaching skills. Concepts and skills related to the Use-of-Self as an instrument of awareness and change, coaching across differences, somatic coaching and ICF core competencies are integrated throughout the program. 


Discovery and Mastery Group configurations provide peer learning and support opportunities. 


Mentor coaching provides the opportunity to access skilled coaches to advance your individual learning goals.

To discover more about the Gestalt Coaching methodology and Coach Certification program, please register for any of our Discovery Webinars.