Gestalt Coaching is a present-focused approach – it emphasizes understanding and building on existing competence as the foundation for achieving one’s potential. The approach recognizes the choices for action that exist in the present moment, but which promise long-term effect.In the coaching session, Clients are encouraged to express and work from the present moment – this means whatever they cognitively brought to the session may fade away as the ‘real work’ emerges during the session.


A Gestalt Coach pays attention to the fluctuations in their own awareness and the awareness level of the Client throughout the session, and is ready with an experiment when the moment emerges. The experiment interrupts habitual perceptions or patterns and creates an opportunity for the Client to experiment with new choices and possibilities.


The power of this approach supports the Client in openly sharing whatever is going on inside them. The Client experiences being truly heard - this opens up new possibilities, provides a basis of trust and respect that supports personal development, and creates lasting change.