2-day Experiential Workshop


A Coach’s ability to be fully aware, and intervene in the moment with positive impact, defines how much of a difference he/she makes in the coaching encounter with the Client. The focus of the Presence and Mastery Workshop is to help develop effective coaching presence and strategically use Self to masterfully intervene with individuals, teams and systems. Foundational Gestalt coaching principles and practices form the basis of this Workshop which enables Coaches to develop a strong and sustainable inner dynamic that guides their outward presence and interaction. This is a valuable learning for Coaches, enhancing their ability to make a significant difference in their personal and work life. 


Through this Workshop, you will discover and build the ability to embody your presence and to leverage it effectively.In the Workshop, you will discover and explore the following:

  • Key Gestalt concepts and approaches that inform the development of embodied coaching presence 

  • Effective use of Self as an instrument to influence change

  • Techniques / activities that stimulate embodied presence, including skilful ‘scanning the field’ 

  • How to provide skilful and insightful feedback in-the-moment

  • Identify, design and implement small experiments and intentional learning interventions

  • Practice application of tools and methods with feedback from peers and experienced faculty


Workshop Structure & Support: 

  • Experiential and discussion-based.

  • 2 days (16 hours) of classroom sessions, with practice and feedback. 

  • 2 support Webinars after the classroom sessions.


This Workshop is recommended for:

  • Leaders who wish to develop and leverage their presence to make a difference

  • Coaches who wish to enhance coaching presence and learn powerful new methods to expand their coaching repertoire.

  • Coaches who wish to learn and apply Gestalt coaching principles and practices to deepen their skills and practice.

ICF CCEUs applied for. 

Presence and Mastery: Advanced Coaching Skills