2-day Experiential Workshop


This Workshop is designed for those who want to optimise the effective use of Selfin leadership roles - both formal and informal. Effective leadership, whether in an organization or in personal life, requires genuine self-awareness and the ability to leverage the power of presence to add value to others. Personal mastery means we hold awareness of the effect that our presence has and we hold ourselves responsible for what emerges as a result of our use of Self. In other words, we intentionally leverage our presence to influence our environment. 


This experiential Workshop helps you understand and apply Gestalt principles and methods in service of your leading, guiding and/or influencing those around you. In addition to teaching powerful techniques, the Workshop helps you learn through exercises that heighten your own awareness, help you realize your choices to manage Self, and put principles into real-life action. In the Workshop, you will learn and explore the following:


  • Overview of the Gestalt approach to Presence and use of Self as an instrument of change

  • Observe and alter reactions and responses that affect the richness of your presence Explore and practice Gestalt skills like the Cycle of Experience as a way to understand and build your own awareness

  • Understand and appreciate how your sense of identity impacts your presence

  • Develop a stance of curiosity toward Self and others

  • Use tools and techniques to support your embodied Presence with feedback from peers and faculty 


Workshop Structure & Support: 

  • Experiential and discussion-based.

  • 2 days (16 hours) of classroom sessions, with practice and feedback. 

  • 2 support Webinars after the classroom sessions.


The Workshop is useful for Coaches and mid-to-senior leaders in organizations.

ICF CCEUs applied for. 

Use of Self and the Power of Presence