2-Day Experiential Workshop


In today's world of unrelenting change, a frequently discussed topic relating to leadership growth and organisational life is resistance to change. The word ‘resistance’ usually brings up negative connotations, and, in the drive for change, it is easy to perceive resistance as something to be overcome, even by force if necessary. A great deal of time and money is spent in overcoming resistance in order to drive a leader’s / organization’s change agenda.


However, from a Gestalt perspective, resistance is an integral part of change, not separate from it. Resistance is indicative of multiple realities and values at play in a system. Organisational dynamics dictate that when forces of change manifest, equal and opposite forces for continuity (or status quo) will simultaneously manifest. Resistance represents the forces for continuity. Resistance is invaluable because it provides rich information about what is working and what is valued by people in the organisation. People have a genuine fear of losing that which is working and valuable and they embody that fear in the form of Resistance.


This Workshop uses distinctive Gestalt approaches to work with Resistance from the perspective of a Leader or Coach / Consultant / Advisor. It explores the psychology (and pathology) of Resistance, behaviours that arise from it, and provides insights on how to leverage the wisdom in the Resistance from individuals and teams. In this Workshop, you will learn and explore the following:


  • View Resistance from an entirely new and valuable perspective

  • Gestalt principles and tools including the Cycle of Experience and Paradoxical Theory of Change

  • Ways to understand, appreciate and leverage the wisdom in Resistance

  • Aspects of Gestalt-defined Resistances as ways of navigating one's environment

  • Identify Resistance in practical terms and situations, and design interventions that provide segways for positive change


Workshop Structure & Support: 

  • Experiential and discussion-based.

  • 2 days (16 hours) of classroom sessions, with practice and feedback. 

  • 2 support Webinars after the classroom sessions.


The Workshop is useful for coaches and mid-to-senior leaders in organizations.

ICF CCEUs applied for. 

Re-framing Resistance to Change: A Gestalt Perspective