Gestalt Coaching is an art and a science. It is informed by Gestalt principles that enable transformational change - change that’s more than skin deep. It is a holistic approach, recognising the many different facets of a human being: thoughts, feelings, behaviours and perceptions. 


Coaching the ‘whole individual’: 

Gestalt psychology has played a major role in the modern development of the study of human perception. It is a ‘wholistic approach’ that looks at the mind and behavior as a whole – in other words, the whole individual.What does this really mean? 


It means that when we are trying to make sense of the world around us, we don’t focus on every small component. Instead, we tend to perceive things as part of a greater whole - as elements of larger systems.


Because Gestalt Coaching sees and engages with the whole person, it focusses not just on behavioural change, but on facilitating awarenessof the whole.


Gestalt coaches engage with the Client’s body language, breathing, intonation, semantics, subtle linguistics, and what is expressed or withheld. They go beyond relying on logical thought, and also use intuition to help the Client feel more understood. Instead of talking about their life and staying in their head, the Client is invited to move into the full feeling of their experiences and re-address them. This head and heart congruence helps the Client emerge from the session feeling truly seen and heard, not only by the Coach, but also by their own self.