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Gestalt is often referred to as Gestalt Theory, Gestalt Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Approach or Gestalt Principles.  Which leads to the question: what is Gestalt? 


Gestalt (pronounced Geshtault) means ‘an organized whole that is more than the sum of its parts’. It is a well-developed theory of how individuals receive and organize information, and how they use it to relate to each other.


Gestalt theory originated in scientific research on human perception. It was then applied to psychology and incorporated into several models of therapy. Over the last 5 decades, Gestalt theory has been developed into powerful Coaching and Organization Development (OD) practices, producing highly effective leaders, teams and organizations across the world.


Gestalt theory advocates creative choice, optimism, and the idea that growth and development emerge from Awareness. This allows for appropriate application of Gestalt theory to Coaching. 






Gestalt Institute of Asia (GIA) is an independent organization and a group of dedicated Gestalt practitioners whose purpose is to introduce Gestalt coaching practices to organizations, consultants and the coaching community in Asia.


Having trained in and experienced the power of the Gestalt approach, we strive to make Gestalt teaching accessible and practical so that users may apply their learnings and insights across their personal and professional domains. Our aim is develop wholistically successful individuals and groups who can impact and transform the systems they live and operate in.


As a small but growing community, we are connected through shared values of transparency, positivity and continuous learning. We hold the polarity of appreciating who we are and aspiring to be better versions of ourselves. We apply Gestalt principles, approaches and tools to personalise learning and help individuals and teams ‘see more so they can do more’. We are committed to enabling people to become more self-aware, better adjusted and better integrated, leading to the development of strong relationships and resilient cultures.


GIA's programs are enriched by unique Gestalt concepts, methodology and theory, and we are committed to raising the bar for self-development, team cohesiveness and organizational effectiveness in this part of the world.